Ride diary and routes to download


We usually ride, locally, on Wednesday evenings and at various loctions alternate Sundays. Weds start at 7pm and sundays at 8.30 am-ish.

The rides are from 15 to 25 miles and take between 2 and 4 hours.

We dont usually get put off by the weather.

The pace is intermediate to fast (mostly off-road) so a fair fitness level is required. We stop at the odd gate for a chat.



Dartmoor Holiday Routes Day 1

DARTMOOR DAY 1 (14202kb)

Dartmoor Holiday Routes Day 2

DARTMOOR DAY 2 (11747kb)

Malvern Route

Malvern (8211kb)

Local Route Bredon, Dumbleton

Bredon/Dumbleton 22m (8054kb)

Cannock Chase 26m Route

Cannock (11059kb)

Local Route Buckland

Buckland (6049kb)

Lakes Holiday Day 1 Pt1

Garburn and Loughrigg 1 (5469kb)

Lakes Holiday Day 1 Pt 2

Garburn and Loughrigg 2 (5863kb)

Lakes Holiday Day 2

Coniston Loop (6343kb)

Lakes holiday opt 3

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